Paternoster is an idyllic west coast village 150 kms from Cape Town. Its roots lie in fishing and still today old traditional fishermen ply their trade and live in typical picturesque whitewashed houses.

Three unspoilt beaches, Bekbaai, Voorstrand and Langstrand dominate the area and the Paternoster Crayfish Wharf has seen the conversion of the old factory buildings and sheds into beautiful shops and restaurants. Paternoster has become a “foodie” destination.

The legendary “Wolfgat”, an intimate restaurant takes pride of place but, you can’t go wrong at Gaaitjie, Leeto, Noisy Oyster, Mondvol, Blikkie Pizzeria or De Seekat.  

For the energetic, Paternoster offers hiking (up the long coast to St. Helena Bay or in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve), kayaking, kite surfing, wind surfing, fishing, birding (over 225 species in the area with the Rocher Nature Reserve being an excellent starting place), horse riding, and more. Amateur archaeologists will enjoy the West Coast Fossil Park.

There is no bad time to visit Paternoster. Autumn and winter bring beautiful windless, blue sky days and the town is a good springboard to head north and inland to see Nature’s wonderful spring flower displays and orange and white daisy carpets, the closest destination being the nearby West Coast National Park.